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A company with a long tradition

120 years of experience in transport and removals - and always up to date

Frey & Klein is a company with a long history. This also means that we constantly keep up with the times. Otherwise we would never have turned 120. That's why we combine both worlds: decades of experience and a modern removal and transport business.

The Frey and Klein families look back on a long tradition in the haulage business. The Heinrich Klein Spedition company was founded in 1896 in Simmern, Hunsrueck. This was followed nearly 30 years later by the founding of the Fritz Frey Möbelspediteur furniture removal company that made a name for itself in the region as the "Hunsrueck Express".

Heinrich I Klein initially ran a farm, a blacksmith's shop, and a machine business. In addition to agriculture, his son Heinrich II then began with deliveries of furniture and building materials. Heinrich III Gustav Ernst Klein (born 1895) then took over the transport company, affiliated to a beverage wholesaler, and continued the business in the Bahnhofstrasse in Simmern. Today, his grandson, CEO Stefan Klein, is perpetuating the family tradition.

Johann Frey also started out with farming and a forwarding company, which his son August subsequently expanded into a moving company. Large-scale removals were already carried out to north and south Germany back then with carriages. August's son Fritz did an apprenticeship in a freight forwarding company and then worked in several companies before taking over his father's moving company. He expanded it to include long-distance haulage and bus transport. However, the company was severely damaged in the Second World War, so August's grandson Friedrich Clemens - also known as Fritz - had to build it all up again slowly. Which he did successfully.

Both entrepreneurs Stefan Klein and Fritz Frey decided in 2000 to combine the experience of two major freight forwarding and logistics companies. And this is how Frey & Klein GmbH Internationale Spedition was born. From their Hunsrueck base, they serve customers throughout Germany and are on the road all over the world.