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Australia / New Zealand

Moving to the other side of the globe: we provide comprehensive information on the regulations for Australia and New Zealand and move your entire belongings for you.

Australia and New Zealand exert a great attraction on many people in Europe because their distance alone makes them special, and they captivate with their endless expanses and breathtaking nature. When it comes to moving to down under, however, it's important to know all the facts. Duty-free import is subject to certain conditions, such as that the removal documents must be submitted to the authorities in good time before entry.

Special restrictions apply to agricultural equipment or objects that have been in contact with soil or vegetation. The responsible ministries often first assess on site whether an object is classified as a quarantine risk. Taking pets with you is also subject to strict regulations, and in some cases even strictly forbidden. That's why planning is the be-all and end-all. Frey & Klein is happy to stand at your side providing advice and planning the entire move for you, so that nothing stands in the way of your relocation to Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington or Auckland.