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Whether it involves a professional move or emigration, good planning is the be-all and end-all for Canada. We are at your side throughout the process.

Endless expanses of nature and wilderness, pulsating large cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal or Calgary. Canada is highly attractive to many people. A move to Canada therefore involves a major step for many people, namely emigration. Precise planning is required to comply with customs regulations and to sensibly limit the amount of goods to be moved.

Canada has two official languages, English and French. As in the whole of North America, there is a different power grid here using alternating current with a voltage of 110 volts / 60 Hz. You should check whether your large electrical appliances are compatible with the use of an adapter/transformer, otherwise it makes no sense to take them with you. In addition, electrical appliances brought in from Germany cannot be connected directly due to different plug systems. Frey & Klein is, of course, happy to help you with the prior inspection of your removal goods. Everything you wish to move is packed safely and as space-saving as possible in the removal container. If you need to get there faster for professional reasons, we will find the right transport solution for you.