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Before moving to the US, a number of special requirements need to be considered - we provide you with comprehensive information and always keep you up to date.

Removals across the "pond" to the US are special for companies and private individuals. The import of removal goods is duty-free, but certain regulations must be observed, and all documents must be available. The recipient of the relocation container should be on site upon arrival to obtain the customs clearance.

There are some things you should consider before moving. For example, the US has a different power grid, so you should check to see whether or not your large electrical appliances are compatible using an adapter/transformer. Otherwise it makes no sense to take them with you. Frey & Klein is, of course, happy to help you with the prior check of your removal goods. Everything you wish to move is packed safely and as space-saving as possible in the removal container. And then off you go to New York, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles or San Francisco - we cover every region in the US, from Massachusetts to California